Unlimited Membership

Provides you with unlimited daily access to our CrossFit Classes, Weekly Sunday Yoga and access to *Open Gym times. This membership also gives you premium access to our specialty classes along with a VIP discount.  

Burn Classes

Burn class membership gives you access to our 60 Minute Burn classes that run three times a week through the month. Our Burn classes are a version of our typical CrossFit classes minus technical barbell and high level gymnastics. Functional fitness at its best. Can't be afraid to sweat in this class. 



EMS, Fire, Police, Military, Nurse – 10%


Couples/Families – 10%

*Applies to each member with a MAX discount of 15% per person.

*Not applicable to Punch Cards  or Drop Ins.

Membership Light

For those who might be supplementing with other activities. Light membership gives you access to CrossFit classes 3 times per week and Sunday Yoga Sessions (12 times per month).


Punch Card Option

For those who want to supplement their current Fitness and Activities with CrossFit 1 to 2 times per week the punch card pass might be what you are looking for. 

Punch Passes can be purchased in blocks and can be used for CrossFit, Burn, Mobility classes or Yoga. 

If you have not done CrossFit before these will require a Fundamental Class session in order to build your technique and ready you for your first CrossFit Class. 

5 Pass Punch Card - $95



10 Pass Punch Card - $164 (+ 1 Bonus Class)


20 Pass Punch Card - $310 (+2 Bonus Classes)


50 Pass Punch Card - $650 (+ 5 Bonus Classes)


** 3 Fundamentals Class  $95

One on One

Please contact us to create a custom package that best suits your lifestyle.


Holiftic Nutrition

Progress isn't just found in fitness, you also need a healthy, well balanced diet to reach those goals. If this is something we can help you with don't hesitate to head over to our nutrition page for more information.

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