" A good coach will help others see what they can become rather than what they are."

Coaches are here to provide you with guidance and help bring connection to a workout; the key factor in finding long term success. We focus on not only getting you moving, but also HOW you move.


Owner / Coach

Hi Team! I am the proud owner at CrossFit Bench. When I found CrossFit in 2015, I was truly unaware of the importance that this sport and community would have in my life.  I am ALWAYS on the move; quite active from a young age, outdoor activities being my go to - preferably ones in the summer months. Before CrossFit my exercise routine was 90% cardio and fuelled by ill-advised nutrition.  For a long time I allowed the number on the scale dictate my happiness. My first day at Crossfit exposed me to true fitness, some STRONG women, and started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. These days we  find a happy balance for Life and Exercise and we lift a LOT more, fuelling this body to help it perform, as opposed to meeting a number on a scale. 

You can be sure to find me around the gym 24/7, with my Fur-Kid Bella following closely behind (...what's better after a workout than a CrossFit Therapy Dog). 

I aspire to help others find their balance, accompanied with the supportive environment of this community to a life full of health and wellness.




Heidi is a bad-ass mother to Harper and Brooks, come by the gym and you’ll be sure to meet them too (CrossFit Games 2036). Heidi started CrossFit over 9 years ago as she felt that her normal gym routine just wasn’t keeping her motivated or getting her the lifestyle that applied to her existing  goals. Through CrossFit she found the sense of community and accountability she was missing. Heidi was a competitive gymnast and coached at the provincial level while she was attending college. She joins the team with a Level 2 Mens/Womens gymnastics coaching background and now CF-L1.






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Catrina started CrossFit on a recommendation from a friend in 2013. She was concerned that she was going to get bulky from weight training. Although she will admit to this day that she struggled to maintain her commitment to it for a long period of time, she loved every moment she had. Back then she would never believe you if you told her the impact CrossFit would have on her life and how invested she would be in her own personal journey but also the opportunity to motivate others. Catrina has a background in competitive dance, rugby and volleyball. She enjoys other activities such as long boarding, hiking with her dog Thunder and snowboarding. Nutrition plays a big role in her life and strongly believes that it is important to fuel your body for your focus.




Mike found CrossFit over 12  years ago while looking for a better way to train for his lifestyle and the sports he enjoyed which included football, volleyball, mountain biking, running, and rowing. Upon realizing that traditional gym programming was doing little to improve his fitness, he did his first CrossFit workout and was hooked. After spending the last several years training alone in his garage gym, Mike joined our CrossFit community when it opened because he missed the sense of camaraderie and atmosphere. He then noticed the huge support in the community and push towards improving their health. Coaching is not a new challenge for Mike and looks forward to sharing his passion for CrossFit and helping the members achieve their own fitness goals.